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Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to

Punk & Pie Circus! 

Step right up in a bold, new direction. What began here as a playful exercise in juggle-drumming, video production, and branding has evolved into my more focused experiment in hope. 

I want to practice more of the following: circus arts, percussion, and gratitude. Going forward, the content posted in the Drum Clown Chic Gallery will capture those pursuits. That means you’ll see my usual character repertoire on camera and in writing paying rhythmic, circusy tributes to the people, places, and things that inspire me. The video greetings cards that first gave rise to this venture will still live on social media as I move forward reimagining the space they once occupied on this site. 

So welcome to this new artistic voyage. Smile. Laugh. Rock out. Maybe have a couple "What the...?" moments. As always, I am grateful for your interest and excited to see what blooms along this path.


PUNK (1).png

How many ways can I use the word "play?" Play a game. Play a character. Play an instrument. Put on a play. Press "play." And how can I elegantly represent all those definitions in one creative idea? These questions weave themselves through an ongoing experiment I warmly call Drum Clown Chic. Here, I summon the circus performer, the character actor, the percussionist, the writer, and the digital media enthusiast in me to play my way through the world.

PUNK (2).png

My name is Lindsay Surmacz, and I want to be many things when I grow up. A picture of my career, thus far, is more like a mosaic comprising a deep background in music and theatre, a degree in creative writing, a certificate in digital media, more than a decade spent in informal science education, and a dream of being a circus performer.

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