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Fall Run Park

I never had a notable affinity for Ravel’s “Bolero” until recently. I always enjoyed listening to it but never had ambitions of playing the widely considered rite-of-passage snare part. Now, it’s insinuated itself into my consciousness as a kind of meditation. It truly is a mantra on a drum. The same rhythm played over and over and over again starting as a whisper, then building up and up and up into a raucous declaration. So when I happen on these reflective pieces, it’s likely I’ll juggle-drum “Bolero.”

Yesterday was a coveted warm, sunny spring day in Pittsburgh, so I took myself to one of my favorite natural refuges north of the city, Fall Run Park. I’m grateful to my friends who introduced me to this modest trail and waterway a few months ago. If you have a free afternoon, some sunshine, and a pair of wading boots, it’s a lovely place to explore in the company of friends (including dogs). Or if you just want a tranquil place to take your thoughts, the waterfall about half a mile from the trail head is superb. A perfect ending to Earth Week.


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