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A couple days ago, I posted a video along with the Amy Leigh Mercree quote, “The world needs your prismatic soul!” Well, in a poetic stroke of fortune, some captivating photos from a friend’s lunchtime stroll in Downtown Pittsburgh brought this public art installation on 7th Street to my attention. The work is titled Prismatica. I know...too perfect!

Here, I got to play with my prismatic soul. I spun beams of colored light, stirred up some rhythms, and worked a little juggling in there too. It’s something to see your reflection in such a clear film of spectra in front of you. To hear the turning of the prisms like majestic machines making their own music. It is, truly, like a dance. It reminds me of that line from The Slipper and the Rose: “Rainbows raced around the room when he danced with me.”

If you find yourself downtown in the future, these racing rainbows live a block away from The Benedum Center. And how about that? They’re a healthy six feet apart!


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