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The Chaos Game

There is a nightclub in the stars.

It’s called The Chaos Game,

where what you see and what you hear

are different and the same.

The stars up in the nightclub sky

are plucky little suns.

Their rocket rode a rainbow road

like restless megatons.

A marshal of assorted arts

was one such lunatic.

A female juggling drummer, or

The Drumming Juggler Chick.

That rainbow road the rocket rode

is riddled with her grooves.

They swing and drop and rock and pop

and bust a hundred moves.

The spice within her ruby lips

is hot as engine coals.

Like classic Simon lyrics, she’s

got diamonds on her soles.

She looks with eyes like dual Earths

and sees chromatic light.

She hears chromatic melodies

that agitate the night.

The Drumming Juggler Chick is hard.

Your rock. That is her role.

Like megatons of restless suns,

she has a diamond soul.

“Just move or groove,” say little dips.

“Be star or astronaut.”

The spice within her ruby hips

declares a different thought.

The universe is made of roads

and grooves and dark and light.

And female juggling drummers are

as natural as night.

The Chaos Game is grit and gloss

in one dynamic whole,

where what you hear and what you see

is raucous Rock and Roll.

By Lindsay Surmacz

Photos by J. Aaron Hager (@caspermilque).


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